18 juli 2011


Hey, yesterday I was just chilling with Lili in our backyard, suddenly we hear a helicopter so we went to check it out and there it was mediheli (medical helicopter) circling around our neighborhood. Pretty interesting huh? :D (sarcasm) yeah.

So today me and my mom went out to the store to buy something to eat later. Then we ended up at the flea market (lopptorg) in Tarmola. We looked around and wondered if we should sell things there, but to rent a table costs 28€/week, so it's not the cheapest place but there was a lot of people so I think it's a good place. When we were done there we went to a pet store to see if we could find a new litter box, instead we ended up buying a new cat toy.. :')
I haven't really done anything else than that. But I think I'll write tomorrow again something : )
Have a great day !


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